When the Sun Hits Tart IPA

This tart IPA combines three loves, sour beers, crushable IPAs, and early 90s shoegazer rock. We started off with a classic Amarillo hop base and added not one, but three new hops; Loral, Palisade and the rare Barbe Rouge. What we created is a truly unique brew boasting gentle herb and floral notes complemented by flavours of fruity orange citrus and overripe strawberries. It’s lightly tart with a big hop forefront finishing with a wave of ethereal vocals, distorted guitar and a heap of teenage melancholy.

Available Thursday, October 24th at the brewery, online store and kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario.


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
HOPS Amarillo, Loral, Palisade, Barbe Rouge
YEAST California Ale + Lactobacillus


A.B.V. 5.5%
O.G. 13.0°P
I.B.U. 20
S.R.M. 4
F.G. 2.5°P

This is the fifth and final release in our Brewers’ Series, where each of our awesome brewers come up with their own unique recipes, with no set parameters, letting the creativity unfold. We expect big things … but no pressure, right!?

Jake’s Take

This was just a perfect excuse to name a beer after 90s shoegaze bands.