What’s Happening This Spring

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Howdy y’all, it’s been a long time since I last rapped at ya. Dang, what’s it been…like three years? Shoot, let’s not dwell on that. Time marches on…It’s all water under the bridge…let’s live in the present and all that comforting jibba-jabba.  Either way, here I am. And I’m plannin’ on makin’ this a more regular blog again. I always loved doing it, but then a few years back, everything got a little busy and the next thing you know it’s 2018 and I have no hair left. Life.

But like I said, let’s move on. I’m excited to get back to talkin’ with all y’all about the goings on at the Sawdust City Brewing Co., cause things are always happenin’ around here.  A few winters and summers have come and gone since last we spoke, which means many new beers have come and gone as well. I’m sure I don’t need to tell y’all about the ones that have already gone, cause you done drank those ones already, right?  So, let’s talk about what’s comin’! It’s spring, outside right? I mean, it’s Ontario in April so it’s not quite actual spring, more like first spring, but an exciting time of year none the less. ‘Tis the season for us to shift from our heavier more fortifying darker ales and stouts and into our lighter, more drinkable ones.  There’s No Way of Knowing and The Princess Wears Girl Pants, two of our perennial spring favourites are already on the shelf (but y’all knew that, right?) and up next, we have a few new ones I think y’all will be purdy interested in.

Before we get to the new stuff, let me tell y’all some pretty exciting news about one of Sawdust City’s favourites. Our first regularly produced lager, Little Norway Pale Lager is hittin’ the LCBO shelves this month!  That’s right folks, our Little Norway has finally grown up and its takin’ the world by storm. Sure, it’s won multiple gold medals at a few international and local award shows, but if you really want to get the low down on this lager, let me give you the inside scoop.  Shhh, listen…this is the beer that I have on my home tap all the time! A classic German-style lager, it ticks off all the boxes. Clean, cracker malt flavours. A sharp, peppery hop bite and a reasonable 4.5% abv, this beer is perfect for both chillin’ on the deck or hunkerin’ down to watch some playoff hockey in the basement.  If ya haven’t had a chance to try this beer yet, I’m tellin’ ya, give it a shot. Look for it at your local LCBO shelves startin’ April 9th.

What about somethin’ new ya ask? Shoot, just last week we canned a real beauty!  A new twist on one of them ol’favourites. We took our Princess Wears Girl Pants and fermented it not only with both our house saison yeast strain but also brett D from the good lads at the Escarpment Labs in Guelph.  The result is a super dry, dangerously drinkable, fruit forward saison with a touch of funk and a full-frontal attack of pineapple. So much pineapple in fact that we decided not to dry hop this particular version, the brett fermentation provided enough fruit character that we felt it just wasn’t needed. Also, we didn’t want to disrupt the delicate layer of brett funk with more hops.  We think y’all are gonna dig this one. Look for The Princess Wears Funky Pants April 12th at our retail shop and also on our online shop.  But be quick cause there ain’t that much to go ‘round.

Next up we got a few barrel beers comin’ at ya!  They ain’t bein’ released until later this summer but I’m so excited that I just gots to tell ya about them now.  A few weeks back we hit our cellar and purged a few barrels that we felt were just ripe for the pickin’. The thing about barrel agin’ beers is…it ain’t always up to you…the barrels will tell you when they are done.  And let me tell ya, these beauties were done! So, a few weeks ago, into bottles (and cans) these gems went.

First we dropped this year’s version of Limberlost into big some big ol’ 750ml champagne bottles.  What’s new about this year’s version? Well this year we decided to lay ourselves bare and let the wild Limberlost yeast shine through! That’s right, this year’s version is lovingly called, “Naked Limberlost”. No fruit. No dry hops. Just Limberlost. Sharp, light and full of bright lemony flavours, this tart farmhouse ale has a touch of oak and funk to compliment those lemon citrus overtones.  At only 5.3% and super dry, this will be a summertime go to. And just like last year, it’ll be hittin’ our retail store shelves on everyone’s favourite day FUNKFEST! (But y’all already got your tickets, right?)

Next, we packaged this year’s ODB. Not only did we take a different approach to this year’s vintage, but we also threw it in a brand-new package. Check out these beauties! 

In the past ODB has strictly been wine barrel aged Princess Wears Girl Pants. But we felt we wanted to bring more to the table this year. We wanted to add more depth of flavour and expand on a beer that’s been in our stable for 5 years now.  Sure, ODB was great, but we wanted to make it greaterer! So, this year, we decided to try our hand at blending. We set the base of the beer with 75% 10 month old, wine barrel aged Princess. As always, this provided us a nice fruit, oak, brett character to build off of.  We blended it with 10% fresh Princess Wears Funky Pants (y’all just read about that beauty) and 15% HYGGE 2016. The Funky Pants brings a bright freshness that will help with aroma and head retention. And the HYGGE 2016, which has been in a barrel for 16 months brings a nice tart character to round out the mouthfeel and add a level of flavour we felt was missing in the past.  Again, we put ODB into those beauty bottles a few weeks ago and we’ll let it condition until FUNKFEST as well. SO, GET YOUR TICKETS!!!

Lastly, we collabed with our good friends at Block 3 to bring you yet another blended barrel aged beauty.  50% wine barrel aged sour red ale from the lads at Block 3 and 50% Princess Wears Girl Pants from yours truly.  This collab gives you the best of both worlds let me tell you what! Up front you get a healthy wallop of fresh hops from the Princess. Then as you delve into the glass, it shifts to a lovely malty tartness provided by the wine barrel aged sour.  Hops, malt, sour…how can you go wrong! We canned conditioned this one and we’re given it the same time frame as the other two, to condition and come together. Guess when we’re releasin’ it? GUESS! That’s right y’all, FUNKFEST! Y’all should just your get tickets now.

Now that’s not all we got goin’ on right now, there’s plenty more to come this spring…but that’s another story for another day and I don’t wanna overstay my welcome.  So, stay tuned to this here blog as I’ll be droppin’ some more posts in the near future. Cheers!

-Sam Corbeil
Brewmaster & Cofounder