Viva La Stout

Built around the flavours of one of our favourite Canadian cookies, Viva La Stout is a delicious combination of chocolate, vanilla, graham cracker and raspberries. This decadent imperial stout is the perfect dessert beer, with everything you’d ever dream of in a pastry stout. 

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday, January 30th.

Flavoured Imperial Stout 9.5% 50 21.5•P 50 4.5•P
Ingredients: Water, 2-Row, Carafa Special Type II, Munich II, Crystal 240, Rye Malt, Toasted Barley Flakes, Magnum hops, California ale yeast, vanilla, graham cracker extract, raspberry, tart cherry,  cranberry. 
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This one has been a bit of a white whale for me. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to make a beer that tastes just like one of my favourite Canadian Cookies. Viva La Stout is designed to bring back memories of your childhood.  All the flavours are there, rich chocolate, crispy graham cracker, velvety vanilla, creamy marshmallow and that deliciously sweet, tart raspberry. One sip and it will transport you back to your youth.

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