The History of Little Norway

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At Sawdust City, the history of our small northern community is a huge part of what inspires us – from the names of our beers, to the name of the brewery itself, once the nickname our town was known by.

In correlation with Canada’s 150th anniversary, we found ourselves reflecting about our historical connections, so we were thrilled when we received an email from a family with a special connection to our Pale Lager. “Little Norway Pale Lager” is named in honour of the Royal Norwegian Air Force base located right here in Muskoka, which was used as the Norwegian air force training ground during the 1940s, in response to the German occupation of Norway in World War II.

Little Norway Pale Lager was brewed in collaboration with Norway’s Arendals Bryggeri, in tribute to the friendship between their home and ours, and it was enjoying this connection at a recent family gathering that inspired the Ødegaard family to reach out to us with a little of their personal history. Their father was one of the RNAF residents of Little Norway. The family was kind enough to share images from a scrap book chronicling their father’s days spent training here in Muskoka. We are honoured to be able to share in such personal history, and invite you to celebrate alongside us, as we commemorate the connection to our town, our country, and to our global community. Now that’s worth raising a glass to! Cheers, skål. 

Peaceful Muskoka pines to build a haven for Norwegians far from home.

Muskoka Aerodrome, still functioning as Muskoka Airport 365 days a year today!

RNAF residents sharing beer with some locals – we can still highly recommend the local beer, but we wouldn’t recommend these drinking companions!

3,676 miles from Muskoka to their goal: Berlin.

Norwegian planes in Canadian skies.

Canada will always live in the hearts of the Norwegian boys.