The Day of the Stout has arrived!

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We’ve got two new releases today! They’re both big, bold, hearty stouts that will put you in the mood for the holidays!

Introducing Coffee Vanilla LDV. Our awesome Uranual Imperial Stout just got more awesomerer!  Still big and bold with flavours of chocolate and roast, but infused with copious amounts of ‘Katia Duke’ Lot 7 coffee from our friends at Cut Coffee. Then lightly sweetened with the finish of vanilla to create a huge flavour that’s dangerously smooth.

And back by popular demand is Titania, Vintage 2017.  This bourbon barrel aged LDV has developed an entirely new depth of flavour. Intense dark chocolate and coffee notes are joined by flavours of vanilla, coconut, charred oak, and a slight bourbon element. The creamy mouthfeel and combination of tastes create a fudge-like character which makes Titania highly drinkable. But it’s only available for a limited time with a limited quantity.

You can pick up these gigantic stouts now at the retail store, online store and look for them in kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario.