The Curious Case of Barry Bleuets

A collaboration brew with our friends at Flying Monkeys The Curious Case of Barry Bleuets is a bit of a ‘kitchen sink’ brew.  We threw everything we had at this one and the results are fantastic! Using a hoppy table beer recipe as the base, we fermented this low ABV beer in oak barrels with a combination of California Ale yeast and Brett D.  What we saw in the end, was a hop forward, very dry beer with delicious characteristics of melon, citrus and barrel funk. Light and crushable, but very complex, this is a curious beer with an air of mystery around it to leave you wanting more.

Get it Thursday April 4th at the brewery retail store, online store and kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario!


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
BARLEY/MALT 2-Row, Wheat, Oats
HOPS Mosaic, Amarillo
YEAST California + Brett D 


A.B.V. 5.0%
O.G. 10.9°P
I.B.U. 30
S.R.M. 2
F.G. 1.5°P

Sam’s Take

Seb and I have known each other for a number of years and we’d been talkin’ about doin’ a collab ever since he returned to Flying Monkeys. When a few barrels opened up, I asked if he wanted to brew a barrel fermented beer. He was all for it. He wanted to do something with a light ABV but still hop-forward to blend together qualities we both really like. So back in December, he made the trek up here and we brewed the wort for this unique ale. We cast into the barrels, pitched the Cali/Brett blend and waited.

Where did the name come from? A few years back, we brewed at Flying Monkeys, it….rather, it was supposed to be a Blueberry Saison. But it mysteriously disappeared. Never to be heard from again.  So to honour the memory of a beer that never was, we decided to name this one “The Curious Case of Barry Bleuets”.