The Appearance of Force

Pouring pitch black over a light tan head, this long-awaited bourbon barrel-aged stout has aromas of tart cherry followed by a hint of oak, tobacco and leather. A tart acidity hits you on the first sip as flavours of roasted malt, cherry cola and amaretto come at you in waves. Layered and complex, The Appearance of Force develops as it warms into flavours of coffee, oats and bourbon.

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday, January 16th.

Sour Stout Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Lactose 8.7% 30 17•P 40 2.5•P
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After two years in 2nd use bourbon barrels, our 2017 Hygge (a rich coffee stout) had dried out quite substantially and developed a nice level of acidity.  We pulled all the barrels up into a fermenter and blended them together. We really liked the results. It was quite tart and dry, but beneath the tartness lay a deeply complex beer. Flavours of cherry cola, amaretto and leather begin to develop as the beer warms. Traces of oak, bourbon, chocolate and coffee can be found there as well.  In order to bring back more of the original stout body, we added in lactose sugar. The extra sweetness allows the complexity to come through and also makes the beer more approachable. Coming in at 8.7%, it still packs quite a punch and we recommend slowly sipping on this one, letting the beer warm so you can enjoy all the flavours.

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