The Appearance of Force / Conflict

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Two new releases kick us off in 2020.

The Appearance of Force Sour Stout & The Appearance of Conflict Brett Saison with Chamomile. 

Try them both this Thursday, Jan 16th at the brewery or via the online store.

Looking back on all the ’52 Pick Up’ releases we logged in 2019, (not to mention all the brews that came before!) we’re excited for a year of regeneration here in our old lumber town. We’re ready for new growth to spring up around, and out of, a forest of old favourites. We can’t wait to share this new year, new decade, and whole season of renewal with you.

And a special word from our fearless leader;

“What did we learn from releasing 52 beers in 52 weeks last year? Don’t brew 52 beers in a year! Well obviously. But in all seriousness, even though it was hard and it pushed us to the edge, it’s an experience we will all remember and that we take pride in.
So this year, we are gonna try our best to take that learning and share some more experiences with y’all. We’re gonna push the boundaries with unique flavours and embark on some wild new rides. We’ve already got a few beers in the process that are very experimental and are very different from anything we’ve tried in the past. So hopefully you’ll join us again this year and enjoy some new adventures with Sawdust City.

Up first in our new “experience series” are The Appearance of Force barrel-aged sour stout & The Appearance of Conflict Brett saison with chamomile. We’d love for you to try them and let us know what you think of your experience.

  • Sam Corbeil, Brewmaster & Cofounder