The Appearance of Conflict

Fresh, sweet floral aromas of chamomile, spice and honey meet you on the nose. Layers of funk, spice and chamomile tea flavours immediately follow. The Appearance of Conflict is exceptionally dry with lively carbonation to make this farmhouse ale enticingly approachable and remarkably refreshing.

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Brett Saison w/ Chamomile 6.6% 15 14.9•P 4 1.9•P
Ingredients: Water, Pilsner, Wheat, Spelt, Oats, Buckwheat Malts, Southern Cross, Idaho 7, Ella Hops, Spooky Saison Brett B Yeast, Chamomile.
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We had brewed some brett saison awhile back that we were holding onto to see how it matured over time. The brett began to take over and it developed a nice spicy/funky farmhouse quality and finished quite dry. We thought adding a floral component to it would enhance its drinkability and make it a little more approachable. I’ve been wanting to use chamomile for a while as I’ve found it quite pleasant in witbiers and farmhouse ales.  We steeped 3lbs of chamomile flowers and added it back to the finished brett saison. The results are a dry, spicy saison with aromas of funk, honey and chamomile. It’s quite drinkable and would be a great accompaniment to white fish, mussels or a fresh green salad.

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