Strawberry Golden Beach Hazy Pale Ale

We took our classic Golden Beach Hazy Pale Ale and innundated the brew with strawberries! This is a hazy, fruity, hoppy concoction that just screams summer. A summer of strawberries, that is.  

Strawberry Golden Beach will be available Thursday, August 8th at the brewery, online store and kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario!


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
BARLEY/MALT Canadian 2-Row, Barley, Wheat
HOPS Galaxy, Mosaic, Idaho 7
YEAST California Ale + Strawberry Juice Concentrate


A.B.V. 4.5%
O.G. 10.5°P
I.B.U. 25
S.R.M. 3
F.G. 2.0°P

Tim’s Take

Tim’s our inside sales guy. If you’ve ever called into the brewery you’ve probably talked to him once or twice. Tim likes Golden Beach. A lot. And he had an idea…

“We once made a special small batch of Strawberry Golden Beach for our friends at Main Street Local restaurant in Huntsville. As legend would have it, it just happened to be on tap when I was there for lunch one day. Golden Beach is a long-time household fave, and throwing strawberries into the mix really took it over the top. I didn’t think you could improve such a classic, but the proof was right there in the glass, looking back at me, now half empty. When I took my last sip I was satisfied but sad, knowing that it wouldn’t be something I may ever have again. So I asked for it over and over again until the brew team granted my wish, and now we all get to enjoy Strawberry Golden Beach on a hot August day just like I did the first magical time!”