Simpler Times

An immensely drinkable IPA that has a foot in both the old-school and new-school sensibilities. It’s not a haze bomb, but not completely bright. Not super bitter but not overly juicy either. It’s just the drink we need right now, as we remain somewhere in-between. This beer is a reminder of the past, of the simpler times, along with a subtle nod to the future, and of the better times to come.

Get it at the brewery Tuesday, April 20th and online Thursday, April 23rd.

IPA 7.2% 45 15.5•P 5 4.0•P

Ingredients: Water, 2-Row, Spelt Malt, Oat Flakes, Cashmere, Idaho 7, Sabro, Galaxy Hops, Foggy London Yeast.


Sam’s Take

During the first few days of the pandemic, while everything was going haywire and no one knew what was happening from one day to the next, changes were coming at a breakneck pace. We found ourselves craving something that reminded us of simpler times, stable times, but it’s important we still appeal to our audience of today.  We landed on a beer steeped in the new-school while maintaining some old school sensibilities. This immensely drinkable IPA will help remind you of simpler times while anticipating better times to come.