Retro Rocket Spiced Coffee Stout

We took our stout’s big roasted malt flavours and brewed in a sinful combination of cinnamon, vanilla, cayenne pepper and plenty of cold brew coffee from Station Cold Brew Coffee. We created a delightfully creamy, rich stout with the spiciness of cayenne balanced out by the softer side of the cinnamon and vanilla flavours.

You may recall a throwback called “Red Rocket” brewed many moons ago. While the name has changed, this one’s for you …

Available Thursday October 31st at the brewery, online store and kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario.


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
BARLEY/MALT Canadian 2-Row Barley,Simpson’s DRC, Maris Otter, Chocolate, Carafoam, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Oats
HOPS Magnum
YEAST California Ale + Cold Brew Coffee + Cayanne + Cinnamon + Vanilla


A.B.V. 5.5%
O.G. 14.5°P
I.B.U. 35
S.R.M. 45
F.G. 4.5°P