Patio Nights

Pouring a beautiful reddish-purple, you can’t help but admire the colour that sits in your glass with this brew.  Aromas of juicy fruit leap out with a distinct sangria vibe. Lightly tart, with just a hint of hops, this spicy, juicy summer drink is perfect for late nights on the patio. 

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday May 14th.

Sangria Hibiscus Pale Ale with lactose sugar 5.3% 35 14.5•P 14 4.0•P

Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Sangria Hibiscus Tea, Lactose sugar


Sam’s Take

We wanted to have a little fun with some of our newer brands by making some fun drink mixes. Last year’s Patio Nights used the same hibiscus tea and I thought it tasted great. So we thought we would try it with a few different beers this year to see how it would do. We really enjoyed it with Gnarnia but thought it could use a bit of extra body and a touch of tartness, so we added in Electric Storm, along with lactose sugar for a touch of sweetness. Low and behold we had a tasty drink we think you’ll enjoy.