Our Team

Co-founder and President

Rob is the ‘Big Kahuna’ at Sawdust City. This title was bestowed upon him in response to Rob’s penchant for Hawaiian shirts and an allergy to socks. Rob came to the brewing industry after a career in television production and through publishing TAPS, Canada’s Beer Magazine, and operating the Canadian Brewing Awards. Rob is a Gravenhurst resident and cottaged there for many years prior. Rob’s goal is to create a warm, welcoming craft beer experience for everyone who visits Sawdust City, and to nurture an atmosphere of beer-centric fun.

Co-Founder and Proprietress

A former professional photographer and television producer, Karla came to the craft beer world as Editor-in-Chief of TAPS The Beer Magazine. After over seven years of working with the wonderfully-wacky and curiously-creative personalities that inhabit the craft brewing world, Karla knew it was time to do more than just write about it. So she and her husband, The Big Kahuna, set out to build a beer biz. “It’s been quite a ride to get to this point, but dang, our team makes some awesome beer and the best part is we have a new brewery family and we laugh… a lot!”

Co-founder and Brewmaster

A local Muskokan, Sam left the comfortable bosom of cottage country to learn the art of brewing. After travelling to Germany to study brewing and working at a number of Ontario craft breweries, Sam finally came home to Muskoka to help start Sawdust City. Sam’s specialty brews are legendary in the Canadian craft beer scene, as is his moustache. Little known fact … Sam can recite pi to 43 decimal places. It’s added little to his quality of life, but dang if it ain’t a fun party trick!

Chief Operating Officer

Rick’s adventures in the business world have taken him from Toronto to San Francisco to Ottawa to Gravenhurst. After years of living in California wine country, Rick has officially traded in his Napa Valley wine glass for a Sawdust City beer mug! Rick oversees company operations and promises that the brewery’s management systems will soon be as silky smooth as its beer!

Packaging Supervisor

After a long and successful career as a canning line mechanic and supervisor, Sully is now applying his expertise to Sawdust City’s shiny new canning line. He can often be found fiddling and tweaking and adjusting the line’s fillers and seamers. He says it’s almost as much fun as working on his beloved 1986 Chevy Corvette!

Administrative Manager

Natalie spent her youth on the shores of Muskoka’s Lake Rosseau, and later in life returned to give her children an opportunity to grow up in the same wonderful environment. Natalie’s career has spanned the hospitality, health care, music and entertainment fields where she honed her management skills. One night recently the bright stars of Muskoka aligned and she found her dream job … as Administrative Manager for Sawdust City. It wasn’t long before Natalie was whipping the team into shape, a challenge she describes as “herding cats”.

Head Brewer
Packaging Manager

Brendan is a recent grad of the Brewmaster program at Niagara College. Before making the wise decision to join the craft beer industry and landing a gig at Sawdust, this Leo was employed by the CBC in Toronto. Apart from loving (and making) great beer, Brendan enjoys baseball and Bruce Springsteen. He also enjoys taking his dog, Miles (he’s a sweetheart, you should really get to know him), on long walks in and around Gravenhurst.


Quiet. Reserved. Dignified. Freakishly tall. Powerful, yet tender. Some of these are words you might use to describe Luc while watching him patrol the Sawdust City brewhouse from the Saloon while enjoying a delicious Lone Pine IPA. Have enough pints, and you could even add “devilishly handsome” to the list. An industry vet of four years, Luc has been with Sawdust since August 2016. Before that, he went to school for mapmaking, but got lost and ended up working in a brewery. Which is probably for the best since everything has been mapped already, but not all the beer has been made.


Enjoys brewing, gardening, and a nice pair of shorts!

Internal Events & Saloon Manager
Manager of Sales Operations

Early in his adult years Ben was offered a foosball table in exchange for a few hours of work for his cousin’s beverage dispensing company. These few hours tuned into a rabbit hole that led to a decade of selling beer kegs to craft breweries across North America. This exposure to the craft beer scene forever changed his DNA (and wiped out a few brain cells to boot). After a move from Brantford to Northern Ontario and a brief stint of going back to college, Ben happened to walk into the right brewery at the right time with a resume in hand. 2 years later he’s working his dream job with a dream team, helping move his dream beer to the people!

Sales Administration
Marketing Manager; Product Marketing
Photographer, Content Coordinator
Manager, Licensee Sales
Account Manager - Ontario West
Manager, Channel Sales
Territory Manager - Northern Region
Territory Manager - Ontario West
Brand Ambassador

As a young boy Graeme searched the wilderness for adventure. Along the way he found fun, friends, excitement and great success in a career playing sledge hockey around the world for Team Canada. How many people can say they have a hockey arena named after them? At Sawdust City Graeme wears a few different hats, and enjoys sharing the tales of his adventures with whomever asks.