Our Next Winewood Release: The Mountie

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Barrel-aged Bière de Garde with Cherries
Bottle Conditioned

Available for purchase to FUNKFEST attendees first on July 2nd. Available while supplies last.

Canada Day is upon us and to celebrate our great nation and our 1st annual Funkfest, we are releasing the next beer in our Winewood Series, “The Mountie”. Based on a true story of a brewer turned Mountie (you know who you are buddy!) this 8% barrel aged Bière de Garde has a lot goin’ on. Loaded with funky barnyard Brett notes and a heavy oak character, we felt it still needed more. So we added tart cherries from Niagara to top it all off. Bottle conditioned, this beauty will certainly continue develop over time. So try some at Funkfest and then take a bottle home to see how it changes over time.

He was born in the rustic beauty of Canada and raised to be pure of heart. As he matured, he developed a passion for beer. He wanted to share this passion with his homeland so he left its shores to travel in search of the secret of brewing good beer. He learned the trade and upon his return brewed great beer for the masses. Happy, but not yet satisfied, his heart yearned to give more. After much soul searching, he traded in his wellies for the hat of a Mountie. Now truly content, he proudly wears the storied uniform recognized around the world. O Canada, he stands on guard for thee!winelogo

The official beer of FUNKFEST!


Tart Montmorency cherry juice


A.B.V. 8.0%
O.G. 16.0°P
I.B.U. 20
S.R.M. 14
F.G. 1.0°P