Juicin’ New England-style IPA

Our juiciest IPA returns! This hazy, hop-forward IPA showcases the softer side of hops, embracing all their juiciest characteristics while lessening their bitterness. Oats soften and smooth the mouthfeel, and we’re using a unique yeast strain that further emphasizes the fruity flavour. The result is a beer that is brilliant, bright, and as succulent as fresh peaches!

Juicin’ will be available in our retail store and online June 4th 2020.



A.B.V. 6.0%
O.G. 14.5°P
I.B.U. 45
S.R.M. 3
F.G. 2.8°P

Brewers’ Take

Production Manager James, and previous, Head Brewer Caleb, teamed up to dream up some very popular flavours here at Sawdust City. As the legend goes, one night James and Caleb were sipping on some personal favourites exchanging notes on their favourite elements – when they began dreaming up ways to combine those elements. Inspiration struck and the first Fever Dream was born. Fever Dreams is undoubtedly famous for this fan favourite.