Bitter Beauty Hazy IPA

Available August – November

The clear night sky is painted with innumerable stars. The dancing campfire warms your outside while a cold beer cools your inside. The quiet is broken by notes that leap from a guitar and float toward the heavens. You gaze out at the lake and wonder if you are dreaming.

Brewed in collaboration with Canadian ‘song & dance man’ Jason Collett, Bitter Beauty is a hop forward, American style Hazy IPA. It has a soft, delicate malt body that acts as a springboard for mounds and mounds of delicious hops. And just like Jason’s music, it is the perfect companion to campfire sing-alongs.

Sitting under the twinkling stars and listening to that magical guitar, you realize that you are in fact dreaming … with eyes wide open.



  • Spicy poultry
  • Fish
  • Grilled vegetables


WATER pure Muskoka water
BARLEY/MALT Golden Promise, Wheat, Dextrose
HOPS Idaho 7, Azacca, Amarillo, Mosaic, Galaxy
YEAST Vermont Ale Yeast


A.B.V. 7.5%
O.G. 17.0°P
I.B.U. 60
S.R.M. 4
F.G. 3.0°P