Long Dark Voyage to Uranus Returns

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Our interstellar friend and ally, Toftorg Golshop (Ruler of Third Empire of Uranus), reached out to us here at Sawdust City to  let us know of his plans to return once again to our small corner of the Milky Way.

Fan favourite, Long Dark Voyage to Uranus – Uranal Imperial Stout makes its anticipated return to our retail and online store Thursday, November 8th. This bold stout, nicknamed LDV, is brewed with loads of roasted malts. It’s tongue crushingly bitter and dry as a bone. A touch of sugar gives the beer a subtle hint of sweetness, while vanilla, molasses and chocolate characters shine through to round out this impressive 9.5% imperial stout.

You’ve been warned. 

Look for it on LCBO shelves and in kick-ass beer bars near you!