Limberlost ~ Spontaneously Fermented Ale with Wild Blueberries.

Born in the wilds of the nearby Limberlost Forest this spontaneously fermented tart ale pours a beautiful deep blue and has aromas of fruit and dusty farmhouse funk. Using our wild yeast strain captured from Limberlost forest, aptly titled “The Limberlost,” this year’s version is tart without being overly sour. It drinks very easily with the wild blueberries balancing out the farmhouse flavour. The blueberries dominate through to a nice dry finish accompanied by a lively carbonation.  

Limberlost is back to celebrate 6 years of brewing in Gravenhurst, Muskoka. It hits the brewery retail and online store Thursday, August 27th.


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
BARLEY/MALT Pilsner, Wheat
YEAST Limberlost + Wild Blueberries


A.B.V. 5.2%
O.G. 11.5°P
I.B.U. 5
S.R.M. 14
F.G. 1.7°P

Sam’s Take

Limberlost is always one of my favourite releases of the year. There’s always a bit of anticipation mixed with anxiety on how it’s going to turn out. I mean, this beer is a total wild-card, it’s fermented with wild yeast from the forest for cryin’ out loud! But we’ve been very fortunate to have it work out each year. And over the years we’ve definitely gotten better at blending and packaging this beer to make sure the final product is just the way we want it. This years’ version is definitely our best one to date. It’s balanced, tart, fruit-forward with a wonderful funk character. We’re hoping you love it as much as we do. Limberlost is always a fun experiment and it’s a wonderful way for us, as brewers, to learn and grow each year.