Lil’ Man

Light in colour, this Belgian-inspired golden ale is fermented bone dry and then dry-hopped with new world hops. What we are left with is an insanely drinkable ale that leads with aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit then finishes dry with flavours of citrus and spice.

This recipe is based on our classic Princess Wears Girlpants Muskokan Saison. This variation is much lighter in alcohol but definitely not in flavour. Named in honour of “Miles,” Head Brewer Brendan’s dog and best bud that sadly passed away earlier this year.

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday May 7th.

Belgian Inspired Golden Ale 5.2% 15 10.5•P 3 0.7•P

Ingredients: Water, 2-Row, Spelt Malt, Oat Flakes, Cashmere, Idaho 7, Sabro, Galaxy Hops, Foggy London Yeast.


Sam’s Take

“The Princess Wear Girl Pants” was never intended to fit into a beer style. We used many different handles over the years, but none really took. We’ve also done many different variants of this beer. So this year we decided to go a little old school and a little new school. 

Old. We’ve used this style before. It’s over wordy and somewhat silly. But it actually describes the beer very well.

New. A version of Princess that’s half the alcohol but all the flavour and aromas of original. Also, we swapped up the yeast this year. We usually Belgian Saison II, this year we went with a French Saison strain. This not only dried the beer out more, but it also gave it insane aromas of pineapple and tropical citrus