It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. 

In a year of transition, development and growth here at Sawdust City Brewing Company, we are making some changes to our beer line-up. That means parting with some old favourites that we’ve grown attached to over the years to make way new ideas and creative recipes as we look forward to the future. 

Gateway Kölsch, our original lagered ale, is one of Sam’s original recipes designed true to style to his training at VLB Berlin (est. 1883). Using old-world techniques, the German-style Gateway Kölsch paid homage to the lagered ales of Köln Germany. That Kölsch style ale has to be aged a little longer, letting all the flavours mellow, making it one easy beer to drink, and has long been a staple beer in our regular lineup. The day has come though to try new things, new recipes and that means that, for now, it’s adios to Gateway Kölsch. 

Ol’ Woody Alt is designed in that same vein. During his studies, Sam visited Altstadt, the downtown center of Dusseldorf and tried each of the city’s 5 ‘altbier breweries’. Where each brewery produces its own version of altbier, so the stretch is known as “the longest bar in the world.” The story captivated Sam, driving him to create his own version of this beer made in “the old way”. Ol’ Woody Alt is a lagered ale, fashioned after the beers from Dusseldorf. Filtered to a gleaming mahogany, this ale drinks as smooth as the finish on those iconic wooden boats nicknamed Ol’ Woodys, of yesteryear. It’s designed to savour a taste of the past. While you won’t see Ol’ Woody on tap all the time, it will make a cameo again.

So what’s next you ask? We’ll always have a beer available on tap in the style that our loyal customers are after. Whether it’s a lagered option, malt-forward, easy drinkin’ style, or all the hops you can handle, we’ll have something on tap for you. You might not recognize the name, but we won’t lead you astray. 

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