Kellerbois Kellerbier

Everything you love about our crispy lager but totally unfiltered and with a big spicy, floral hop kick from a mad amount of Ella dry hops added to the fermenter.

Available, Thursday, August 29th in our retail store, online store, on tap in The Saloon and at kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario.


WATER pure Muskoka water
BARLEY/MALT German pilsner
HOPS Saaz, Magnum, Ella
YEAST German Lager


A.B.V. 4.4%
O.G. 11.0°P
I.B.U. 25
S.R.M. 2
F.G. 2.7°P

Sam’s Take

About 1,825 days ago, we brewed our first beer ever at Sawdust City Brewery in Gravenhurst. It was a Kellerbier cobbled together with whatever ingredients we had lying around at the time. We never sold that beer, it was brewed just to break in our shiny new brewhouse and test out our new canning line. It turned out better than we expected and we all enjoyed the fruits our brand new brewhouse. We called that beer “1,101 days in Sawdust City” ’cause that’s how long it took us to get the brewery open. So, 5 years later, we thought it would be great to brew a similar Kellerbier to celebrate the occasion. A little more refined than that first beer, but still brewed with the same passionate hearts we used to make that first beer those 5 long years ago.