Aiming for flavour balance we took a malt base of British Maris otter malt, a touch of melanoidin malt for colour and then we added in some ol’ school cascade hops to bring that fruity, spicy flavour y’all love. Pouring an enticingly clear, burnt-gold, this pint is meant to draw you in with its pristine colour and hint of fruity hops on the nose. Nothing is overpowering, everything is just in balance. It’s not quite fully a British pale ale, but a proper pint nonetheless! It’s meant to be enjoyed while talkin’ nonsense with friends and havin’ a laugh!

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday, September 17th.

English Blonde Ale 4.8% 15 12.0•P 6 3.0•P

Ingredients: Pure Muskoka Water, Maris Otter, Melanoidin, Wheat, Cascade Hops, Foggy London yeast.

Sam’s Take
As much as we love them, having brewed a ton of hazy IPAs over the past few months we wanted a little break with something a little more approachable and easy drinking. We don’t brew a lot of English style ales, so this one is a bit of a departure for us. Moving into the fall and with the weather starting to get a bit chillier, we were all hankerin’ for a proper pint. Something with a nice malt character but with enough hops to carry you through to the next sip.  We aimed for balance and drinkability and I think we nailed it. Hope you enjoy!