Everyday Magic

This brand new recipe is one we have been perfecting for a while. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait when you try it. This fluffy, hazy IPA is refreshingly lively, brimming with fruity hop aromas and boasts a soft, luscious body. Light creamy coconut aromas lead into bold, tropical fruit flavours that will transport you from these dreary days of winter to the tropical paradise you’ve been dreaming of. 

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday, February 13th. Look for it at the LCBO spring 2020!

Hazy IPA 6.9% 45 15.5•P 5 4.0•P
Ingredients: Water, 2-Row, Spelt Malt, Oat Flakes, Cashmere, Idaho 7, Sabro, Galaxy Hops, Foggy London Yeast.
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Life can seem an endless bore. Scratch just below the surface and you can see the magic behind the mundane. A sunrise; a rainbow; holding a loved one’s hand, or the exhilaration you feel as thousands of monarchs pass overhead, as they migrate south to avoid the hell that is winter. Everyday Magic is a simple, yet totally epic IPA that reminds us that yes, there is magic all around us.

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