Everyday Magic Hazy IPA

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At Sawdust City Brewing Company, the year 2020 is about growth and regeneration as we deviate from the status quo. Brewing agility and responding to customer demand has always been of utmost priority here at Sawdust City. We have listened and heard you; our customers, loud and clear. We are proud to deliver not one, but two, brand new IPAs into the Sawdust City lineup. Introducing; Everyday Magic Hazy IPA and its dynamic duo Electric Storm Sour IPA to follow shortly. 

Both beers are heavy hitters in the flavour department, and we guarantee they will not leave you wanting. These releases co-exist within their own complex yin and yang domain, each offering its own incredibly distinct flavour profile. 

Everyday Magic is refreshingly lively, brimming with fruity hop aromas and boasts a soft, luscious body, with creamy coconut and tropical fruit notes exploding onto your senses. While, Electric Storm comes in as a loud contradiction where the hops are disruptive to the palate; edgier with an intense mouth-puckering tartness, followed by a juicy, orange citrus hop-punch leaving you wanting more. 

So whether you’re craving hop-forward flavours to evoke the ever omnipresent, magical possibilities or something to fuel your inner metalhead, we’ve got the brew for you. 

Look for Everyday Magic at our brewery and online store on February 13th, 2020, while Electric Storm will closely follow with a release date of March 4th, 2020. Both beers will be widely available, get them at the brewery, online store and look for them on your local LCBO this spring. 

Everyday Magic Hazy IPA