Element Lagers

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Rice Lager: This incredibly light-bodied lager is made with over 40% rice along with Canadian 2-row barley. It is light in colour with hints of grainy bread and a subtle sweetness from the rice.

Dunkel Lager: A new style for us here at Sawdust City, this Dunkel has roasted bread flavours that lead the way, followed by a subtle, chocolate-like, malt balance. It’s dark in colour but deceptively easy-drinking.

Get these at the brewery and online store Friday, March 20th.

Rice Lager 4.4% 15 10.8•P 4 2.5•P
Dunkel Lager 4.9% 25 12•P 4 2.5•P

Dunkel Ingredients: Canadian 2-Row, Dark Munich, Melanoidin, Carafa II Special, Spalt, Magnum Hops, White Labs German lager yeast.

Rice Lager Ingredients: Canadian 2-Row, Flaked Rice, Ella hops, White Labs German lager yeast.

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We’ll be straight up. The plan for our lager series was four very different lagers, all inspired by the elements. However, given this uncertain time in our industry, we’ve opted to leave two of the lagers safely nestled in their tanks until the world is a little less unpredictable out there. 

Stay tuned for the next two releases in the series, a Smoked Honey Vienna Lager & a Dry-Hopped Lager. As soon as they are ready to go you’ll be the first to know! 

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