Coriolis Effect Kettle-Sour gets a New Look

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Our signature kettle-sour, Coriolis Effect is a long-beloved, classic Berliner Weisse has been brewed each summer since 2015. With the increasing popularity of sour beers in Ontario, we felt it was time for Coriolis Effect to get a packaging refresh. Inspired by the beer’s light yet vibrant flavours we added a pop of colour to the can in homage to Sawdust City Brewery’s signature sour beer festival; FUNKFEST. While summertime remains the prime season to enjoy a kettle-sour, our Coriolis Effect Kettle-Sour is available year-round at the brewery, online store, LCBO and grocery stores, now with a bright new look. 

What’s with the name, you ask? Well, the rotation of the Earth causes an interesting phenomenon on free-moving objects. The Coriolis effect tries to force winds to shift towards the right or left, depending on the hemisphere you’re in. So you never know what life is going to throw at you. But we all get to make choices. Often times those choices define who we are. 

Coriolis Effect Berliner Weisse makes the most of those choices, at a cool 3.5% ABV it’s the perfect beer to accompany your weekend chores, for hanging out with friends or enjoying a low-key evening in. While it’s tame on the ABV scale, it’s unforgivingly reckless in flavour. A sharp acidic aroma immediately greets you on the nose, followed by light herbal notes and a touch of lemony citrus. Your first sip is a doozy! A mouth-puckering tartness welcomes you, but it quickly fades into a sharp blast of lemon citrus and a thirst-quenching acidity. Perfect for a patio, after the game or with a nice light salad, you can also be adventurous and add your own favourite juice to it to create a unique twist on this light ale. 

Sam Corbeil, Sawdust City Brewing Company Brewmaster & Co-founder recalls how Coriolis came to be, “A number of years ago, Matt Bod from BarHop and I discussed brewing a Berliner Weisse ale for the summertime. BarHop’s chef at the time created syrups for the beer from ingredients he sourced locally. We served it in the traditional method you’d see in Berlin; in a bowl-shaped glass with flavoured syrups. We did a small amount that first summer and it really took off. After that first year, we decided we wanted to brew it on a larger scale. After some minor tweaks to the recipe, including adding more Idaho 7 hops at the end of the boil to bring out a little more lemon character, we were off. Since those early days, it’s become a summertime favourite here at Sawdust City, and is absolutely perfect to enjoy on our new patio.” 

Coriolis Effect is the perfect beer to deviate from the status quo and enjoy as you turn in a different direction and strike out on your own. Look for Coriolis Effect at the brewery, online store. local LCBO and grocery store shelves.