Binary System 3

Impenetrably hazy with a rich, creamy head Binary System 3 has bright aromas of citrus that greet you on the nose, followed by herbal tropical flavours melded with spicy pine notes. Big, juicy hops beckon you in and are accompanied by a silky body and clean, luscious finish.

Get it at the brewery and online store Thursday, July 16th.

Hazy Double IPA 8.5% 45 19.0•P 5 3.5•P

Water, 2 Row Malt, Wheat Malt, Mosaic, Chinook hops, London III yeast, Dextrose.


Sam’s Take

We’re always learning, growing and totally obsessed with flavour. We like to see how two-hop flavours play together, but also how malts blend and mingle. By simplifying the malt & hop bills for this recipe, it allows us to focus on particular flavours, aromas and malt attributes. What we learn from these brews equips us with the know-how to make tweaks and changes to our line up. Plus it’s fun, and y’all end up with more bangin’ DIPAs. THAAAAAS WHAAAAAAAAAAAS UP.