Anticipation is Freshly Zambonied Ice

The last release in our series of winter Belgian style beers, Anticipation is Freshly Zambonied Ice is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale. It pours a deep, burnt gold, with a fluffy white cap. Very effervescent, this ale is loaded with aromas of clove, spice and apple. It’s balanced with flavours of apple, spice and bubblegum, and it is deceptively drinkable. Flavourful, with a semi-sweet finish, Anticipation is Freshly Zambonied Ice is wonderful on its own or accompanied by your favourite meal. 

It’s available Thurs. January 10th 2019, at the brewery retail store, online store and kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario!


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
HOPS Styrian Golding, Amarillo
YEAST Abbey Ale + Clear Belgian Candi Syrup, Demerara Sugar


A.B.V. 7.7%
O.G. 17.4°P
I.B.U. 28
S.R.M. 6
F.G. 3.4°P

Sam’s Take

One of my favourite styles, this was a beer I’ve wanted to make for some time. I’ve always found it astounding how drinkable these strong Belgian ales can be. Also, how much flavour can be summoned from such a simple recipe.

As for the name, it’s just something I remember as a kid. Anxiously sitting behind the boards waiting for the zamboni to leave the ice. Wanting to be the first skater on that clean, unmarked sheet. New ice held so many possibilities. I miss that.