Anticipation Is… — Belgian Blonde Ale

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Limited Release Belgian Blonde Ale

Available only at the brewery and online store while supplies last.

Pouring a brilliant spun gold, with a fluffy white cap, this effervescent ale is loaded with aromas of clove, spice and baked apple. Balanced with flavours of bready malt, spice and bubblegum, this approachable 6.0% beer is deceptively drinkable.  Flavourful with a semi-sweet finish, Anticipation Is is wonderful on its own or accompanied by your favourite meal.




WATERPure Muskoka Water
BARLEY / MALT14.1Pilsner, Munich I, Aromatic
HOPSMagnum, Saaz
YEASTBelgian Ale

Belgian Blonde Ale is one of my favourite styles of beer. This is a style I continually come back to and try to perfect. I’ve always found it astounding how drinkable these Belgian ales can be. Also, how much flavour can be summoned from such a simple recipe. It’s always an educational process each time we brew it. 

The anticipation of waiting to drink the latest brew and enjoying it, while still keeping a critical eye at each step,  is something I look forward to. That’s why we call this beer “Anticipation Is..”.  It’s about anticipating how this newest brew is going to taste. It’s about how this newest version has developed as a brand or as a recipe. And that anticipation of what’s to come is a driving force in our continued creativity as a brewery.

Sam Corbeil