Announcing our new beer fridge and the ‘Brewer’s Vault’ program

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Our newly constructed beer fridge boasts 50 shelves that can hold more than 2400 cans of beer. Now that we have the fridge of our dreams, we bring you 20 different brews for your thanksgiving weekend!

And, with all this new space, we are excited to unveil the brand new “Brewer’s Vault” program. Our brew team has hand-selected brews that have been aging in our cellar and we are re-releasing them into our retail store. These releases are very limited and only available while supplies last.

Brewer’s Vault

  • Campfire​ ​S’More​ ​Stout Vintage​ ​2015 (SOLD OUT)
  • Princess​ ​&​ ​Girl​ ​Pants​ ​Meet​ ​The O.D.B.​ ​Vintage​ ​2014 (SOLD OUT)
  • Winding Road for 7KMs Vintage 2015

Watch our social media for new releases #brewersvault