An IPA a Day

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Make the most of your weekend… or everyday, for that matter. Winter has been long, already. In an effort to brighten these long winter days, we’ve got four IPAs currently available for your enjoyment.

From light to dark (left to right) we have:

Goin’ Back to Find Spring IPA / 5.8%ABV

This aggressively-hopped beer is all about looking forward to the spring. Lighter in colour, this IPA has hints of lemon, berry and passionfruit. 

Lone Pine IPA / 6.5%ABV

Our flagship brew, this West Coast IPA is big and bold with a juicy hop flavour, citrus and pine aroma with a bitter backbone that unapologetically smacks you across the face.  

I, the Mountain & the Leprechaun Flute Red IPA / 7.0%ABV

Rich pine and bright berries with a heavy dose of Red X malt and a blast of oats help build a strong base with a big mouthfeel. A wave of northwest US hops follow and attack your tongue, finishing this red renegade.

4240KM Brown IPA on Oak Spirals / 6.2%ABV

A throwback brew, this rich brown IPA will bring you back to the craft beers you fell in love with years ago. Big malt backbone with lots of roasted and caramel malts and a wallop of hops. It’s finished with a touch of earthy, woody American oak to round out the flavour. 

Try them all. These IPAs are all available at the brewery retail store or via our online store.

But don’t wait long, the new releases are going fast!