4240KM Brown IPA on Oak Spirals

A throwback collaboration brew, this rich brown ale will bring you back to the craft beers you fell in love with years ago. Big malt backbone with lots of roasted, caramel malts. Behind those malts is a wallop of North American hops. Dank and resinous, this ale will remind you of days gone by. Finished off with a touch of American oak to round out the flavour, this ale has a bit of everything. This throwback brew was the brainchild of Sam and Blair Calibaba, Head Brewer & Co-founder at Bomber Brewing in Vancouver. It’s not ’cause the brewers are old … although both Sam & Blair do both remember the Toronto Raptors being founded with a drink in hand, just sayin’. Check out the making of, and antics behind, 4240KM. 

Try 4240KM Brown IPA on Thursday February 14th, at the brewery retail store, online store and kick-ass beer bars throughout Ontario!


WATER Pure Muskoka Water
BARLEY/MALT 2-Row, Munich II, Wheat, Carafa Special II, Carafoam
HOPS Simcoe, Summit, Comet, Amarillo, Chinook
YEAST California + Oak Spirals


A.B.V. 6.1%
O.G. 14.7°P
I.B.U. 58
S.R.M. 22
F.G. 3.2°P

Sam’s Take

Blair and I met at the CBAs in Ottawa a few years back and hit it off straight away. We may have had a few beers and decided to do a collab … maybe. This ended up being ‘Spicy Nuggs’. I drove out to west with my family a couple summers ago and we brewed it out at Bomber Brewing. Blair wanted to come out to Sawdust City and reciprocate the collab. Timing worked out and he headed here just shy of Bomber’s 5th Anniversary. It also happens to be Sawdust City’s 5th year of brewing at our home location in Gravenhurst. We decided to play on the theme of 5, hence 5 malts and 5 hops. A brown IPA seemed like a good style for that ingredient list. The 5th anniversary is also the “wood” anniversary, so we tossed in some oak spirals for good measure. The name 4240, our marketing manager Britt came up with that one. It’s the distance in km between Sawdust City and Bomber Brewing (if you only drive in Canada). And she does admit, it’s low-hanging fruit. But we’ve discovered coming up with 52-beer names, one for every week, turns out to be a lot. 

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